Setup Needs

Peachy's is a fun experience! As part of preparing for that experience, here are the requirements for Peachy's staff and screen:


- The Screenosarus is fourteen feet high and twenty-six feet wide. To properly set it up and take it down, it needs a flat area eighteen feet by thirty feet. When inflated. it is secured with tie-downs and ropes, and no one except Peachy's authorized staff is allowed near it. If the wind blows faster than twelve miles per hour, the screen will need to be deflated to stay within Peachy's margin of safety.


- In front of the screen, the projector needs approximately forty-five feet of space to properly project and fill the screen. Any less, the picture size shrinks. There is also a power cord and video cable run directly to the projector. Peachy's places cones around the "no-go" area to keep unauthorized people from tripping over the two cables and from blocking the picture. Additionally, Peachy's sets up their base of operations under a "ten by ten" shelter to run sound and video from. Depending on the arrangement of the movie night area, this will either be next to the screen or directly in front of the screen.


- Ambient lighting can cause the picture to look "washed out" or look low quality. Whenever possible, Peachy's needs the area as dark as possible to offer the best video experience. While Peachy's uses incredible projection equipment, nothing is a match for sunlight, shadows, or bright streetlights and security lights. Even bright pool lights can affect picture quality! Plan to have a minimum of lighting. If the area includes a pool, plan to cover part of the pool lighting. Peachy's does not mind being kept in the dark!


- The WEATHER POLICY covers how Peachy's deals with any issues affected by the weather. Please read carefully and let Peachy's know if you have questions.


- Peachy's needs power to run its equipment. Two fifteen amp outlets will do just fine. Each outlet needs to be on different circuits and not sharing power with appliances, beverage vending machines, or anything that has a heavy power draw. Peachy's uses a blower for the screen, a big pro projector, sound amplification, and a audio/video mixer.


- For pre-show games such as relays, hula hoops, bean bag tosses, etc., enough space will be needed to conduct contests. Based on space needs, Peachy's will work with you to ensure the contests are appropriate for the area. Contests that can be done in a grassy area may not work around a pool deck, and vice versa. There may be a limit on how many people can participate if the crowd is overwhelmingly large. Physical requirements may be another consideration for contests.


- Peachy's is often asked about licensing movies. Peachy's fees do not include any applicable movie licensing fees. Swank Motion Pictures is the official entity for licensing movies by organizations for public display. If you need help obtaining a license, please contact your Peachy's representative or Swank Motion Pictures.


There may be special cases that are specific to your situation, but these guidelines will help with planning the best event you will host all spring, summer, or fall!


Dano and the Screenosarus