Themed Events

Themed events are a Peachy's specialty! Here are some past ideas to get those creative thoughts going:


- Wobble Party: When one knows a college dance or cheer team, bring them in to get the dancing going! Pair with the movie Dirty Dancing, Stayin' Alive, Flashdance, or your favorite dance movie.




- Decade/70s/80s/Roaring 20s/any time period: Whether aiming for the disco era, the time of hippies, the 80s greed is good era, any time period is a sure bet to win! Pair your time period with short film clips, music videos, or news reports from your selected time period, then pair the movie that best represents that time.




- Holidays: July 4th, Thanksgiving, Halloween, there is no limit to creativity or movies to represent any holiday you can think of! (PS: We will pay Dano to leave the shirt at home on Halloween...)



The only limit to your Peachy's themed event is your imagination. Call today to let Peachy's design a custom event for you!