Mid-year weather in Georgia is somewhat unique as it usually follows a pattern. The trick is determining if that pattern can affect your outdoor movie night. Peachy's wants everyone to have fun, but also wants everyone to be safe. That is why this weather policy has been developed to keep your guests safe and Peachy's staff safe.

- At the time you book your event, Peachy's also asks you to select an alternate event date. You also have the option of going indoors, which eliminates the need of an alternate date.


- Peachy's will usually arrive a minimum of two hours ahead of time to set up for the event. Once Peachy's leaves the office and the host determines the event needs to be moved to the alternate date, a surcharge of $200 applies to cover transportation and labor. The host can avoid this surcharge by contacting their Peachy's event representative before 2pm on the event day to move to the alternate date.


- Peachy's goes by pool lifeguard rules. If Peachy's sees lightning or hears thunder, all activites are stopped until the threat has passed (usually about 30 minutes from the last bolt of lighting or thunder clap). Additionally, if the wind blows over 12 miles per hour (sustained), the screen must come down as it poses a threat to keep it inflated in escalating wind speeds.


- Once Peachy's starts the event, the event is considered fulfilled if Peachy's must stop at any point during the event for weather, safety, or any other issue that could put either guests or Peachy's staff at risk.


- Peachy's uses Accuweather, WSB, The Weather Channel, MyRadar, Radarscope, the US Weather Service, and other services to keep current with forecasts and possible changes to the weather that could affect your movie night event.
Peachy's loves to entertain! Preparing for weather changes keeps the night from becoming a nightmare and gives you a worry-free way to deal with any possible weather issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask when scheduling your event.